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jellytown's Journal

happy memories of our dear friend steve whitaker
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steve whitaker - his life & work
a community to celebrate the life & work of steve whitaker ( 26/06/1955 - 22/02/2008 ) - all friends of steve are welcome to post anecdotes, drawings by steve, drawings of steve, photos, fanzine articles, etc - anything steve witko related basically

Stephen Murray Whitaker "grew up in early 60s Kent (Swanley) and London. Attended secondary school in late 60s Northampton. Foundation in Bedford. BA Hons Degree in Painting at Chelsea 1975-78. Did lot of odd jobs including gardening, working in a toot shop, specialist decoration. Collaborated on a couple of art magazines in the 80s (Cipher and Atlas). Worked as colourist for Marvel UK, Oberon BV (Holland), DC, Fleetway, Tundra, Valiant/Acclaim. Awards for colour work on V For Vendetta and Adolph Hitler. Committee member and Vice Chair at the Society of Strip Illustrators in the 80s and early 90s. Comics obituaries for Guardian and Independent. Taught at London Cartoon Centre, East Ham College, Central School of Art in the 90s and Noughties. Wrote the Encyclopedia Of Cartoon Techniques in 1993." Steve was his father's carer from 1999 until he died.

this livejournal group hopes to have a very close relationship with the flickr community steemol - also devoted to steve - plse go to: http://www.flickr.com/groups/steemol/
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