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" - sired by a gypsy travel agent... "

hi everybody,

hope you're having a happy & peaceful easter

i was round at nigel & fiona's on friday & yesterday helping to catalogue & index steve's artworks, as retrieved from bedford the previous weekend ( w/the whitaker family's permission, obv )

at time of writing, 1200 plus separate items have been catalogued ( over 200 superhero drawings, 150 odyssey, 100 odd tutorial pieces etc etc ) but this = the tip of the iceberg really as by the time i left w/bleary eyes there was still a huge pile of loose drawings to do & we hadn't even made a dent in the mountain of steve's sketchbooks ( - also "real life" will slow things down as fi & nigel are hopefully moving house at some point within the next month or so ) - mighty matt brooker has also started scanning some of the catalogued items but this is obviously gonna be a very long job

( nb: once the art is indexed, catalogued & scanned it'll be returned to steve's family )

anyway while digging thru these treasures we found the following self penned biog ( on the back of a drawing of man elf's mum ) - we think it was written by steve in the early 1990s:



11 St. Albans Road, Harlesden, London, NW10 8UG

Sired by a gypsy travel agent, Steve pre-natally missed an aeroplane ride through London’s Guy Fawkes fireworks in 1954 by mere months.

Raised and educated all over London, Northampton and Bedford before the Art circus came to town… BA Hons. Degree in Painting at Chelsea in 1975 to 1978 followed by painter-decorating everything from the prayer stalls to the vicarage. Derived fun from assisting on Cipher, a small arts magazine, in the early 80s before working behind the counter at countless London comic shops and marts.

Went freelance in 1984 following colour work on Brendan McCarthy’s Freakwave strip. Designed logotypes for Jeff Hawke, Espers and Fantastic Adventure; painted Transformers and Zoids strips for Marvel UK in 85 and 86, as well as doing paste-ups, colour covers and some editorial work for Quality Comics. Inked two episodes of Judge Dredd and painted two further splash pages for McCarthy. Painted Sydney Jordan Thyton strip for the Dutch weekly Eppo, which led to a Mekon award winning colour job on Alan Moore and David Lloyd’s V For Vendetta in 1988/89. Coloured McCarthy’s Dredd, then spent most of 89 designing and drawing the first two issues of The Saga of the Man Elf. Coloured Grant Morrison and Paul Grist’s St Swithin’s Day in January 1990, followed by a collaboration with Nick Abadzis and John Buckle, producing the collage colour for The New Adventures of Hitler by Morrison and Steve Yeowell, in addition to proto-production and colour on the first issue The Nazz for Bryan Talbot and painting Alack Sinner: Viet Blues in Crisis. Did work on Middenface McNulty for John McCrea and painted David Roach’s episode of Wild Cards for Epic in 91.

A smattering of strips and drawings have also appeared in: Tallon, Balloon Comics, Short Fuse, All Bizarre Western, Pandora’s Box, Captain Surprise Summer Special, The Supplement, Sideshow Comics, Energy, A1, The World’s Longest Comic Strip, Dream Logic and Blat over the last 10 years. Has taught at the London Cartoon Centre since 1989 and has served on the SSI Committee for 5 years (most of which have been spent as Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham’s respective Vice-Chairman). Currently designer/Art Director of the SSI’s quarterly organ, Comics’ Forum, as well as working on a comics adaptation of The Odyssey.

Very keen for people to stop thinking of comics as simple entertainment - their potential for expression and efficacy as a medium still hampered by folk expecting a circus act all the time."

( hopefully the above will be of use to sw biographers, bibliographers & gomics historians of the future )

also, the following might ring a bell for ppl who were in amateur press associations w/steve in the early to mid 80s - we found a tiny a6 notelet, beautifully lettered in gold brush pen, listing all the titles of steve's self published apazines from circa 1980 to 84:

( really? = the title of his ongoing bapazine for many years - & burgerlang = a jam strip zine by steve, gerard kingdon, andrew littlefield, tim bateman & me )

finally, goincidence of the week ( well, in my little world anyway) : i was talking to my mum abt steve's funeral & she told me used to work as a waitress in the de pary's hotel bedford ( the venue for steve's wake ) - in 1952 - before steve was even born, mind you ( & long before my puny existence manifested itself ) - i never even knew she'd been to bedford, let alone worked there...!

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