- "Steve was a perfectionist, never satisfied..."

- the SW mini-biog (from arcane adventures) & queen of sheba drawings below are from an EXCELLENT blog post by ADRIAN STAPLETON - FIVE YEARS ON, A TRIBUTE TO THE LATE STEVE WHITAKER, 1955-2008




- thanks to adrian for permission to post 'em on jellytown - his blog post - well worth reading for any friends & fans of ol' steve - can be found here:

world of witko

- this seems like a good time to mention ( or remind people about ) some other websites where you can also view STEVE WHITAKER art, & fondly remember his life & work

a flickr group devoted to steve

steve's own flickr account

steve's own livejournal blog

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Hi, all. It's been a while since I was on Livejournal at all, but--as I mentioned on Facebook recently--my wife and I visited Bedford in late October and during that visit we met for the first time with Steve's sister, Melanie. She kindly gave us a (1991) sketchbook of Steve's. This (in addition to FB) is an appropriate place to post some scans from it (although I realize that the material may have been shared here already.) so please stay tuned. I regret I was unable to meet with any of you during my brief, hastily-arranged visit--whose main purpose was to see my mother, who is in a nursing home.

" no good - can't speak - wound up - no sleep "

steve's piece on steve ditko from fantasy advertiser no.97, june 1986 - edited by martin skidmore

( if you click on an image it'll take you to it on my flickr page - click on actions on the top LHS, then view all sizes & choose large or original to be able to read it without straining yr eyes )

page 1
FA97 - ditko article by SW - pg 1 of 3

page 2
FA97 - ditko article by SW - pg 2 of 3

page 3
FA97 - ditko article by SW - pg 3 of 3

steve also coloured & partly lettered the cover, drawn by ditko

FA97 - cover by ditko/SW